When planning the perfect wedding day, it’s great to have wedding invites that encapsulate the characters of both your big day and you and your partner. Capturing the atmosphere of what will be a day for you and many others to remember is made possible with themes, styles, colour schemes and so much more when it comes to making wedding invitations online.

Elegant wedding invitations are made possible by us here at Inspired Design. We provide everything you need from a wide range of wedding invitations prepared and lovingly crafted by us to DIY supplies, bonbonniere, accessories, gift cards and print services. Our beautiful designs and high quality materials are matched with our fantastic customer service to bring you a superior service that’s very well renowned.

Wedding Invitations Online

Creating wedding invitations online with us is simple, yet incredibly efficient. Unique wedding invitations are guaranteed with a fantastic selection of designs to choose from, including letterpress invitations, foiled invitations, acrylic invitations, couture invitations, an exclusive designer range, destination or “travel themed” invitations, embossed invitations, hard cover invitations, lace invitations, laser cut invitations, photographic invitations and verko invitations. Each and every invitation can be tailored to suit your needs, no matter what they may be.

We also produce fantastic invitations for all events surrounding weddings including engagements, anniversaries, hen parties, buck’s night and bridal showers, amongst many other occasions. We have also invested in the Digital & Offset Presses to produce only the best of printing services, both for your invitations and for a variety of other services. We can print on almost any stock and, whether it’s on one sheet or one million, we can print for you on the spot and have your order ready within forty-eight hours.

Other printing services we provide include graphic design, banners and posters, finishing services and general printing. Such provisions can make both your wedding invitations and your big day that extra bit special and unique to you! We offer all sorts of paper stocks to get you the finish you want, including metallic and pearlescent, matte and uncoated, Kraft and recycled and pre-printed and SRA3 – all of which come in a wide variety of colours and shades. Once you’ve decided on the perfect invitation to suit you, simply click on the design you would like to request a quote. Alternatively, you can get in contact with us and go through all the little details such as photographs, fonts, materials and colour schemes to get you exactly what you need!

Wedding Invites

Wedding invitations of all styles, themes and designs are available to browse through, view and select on our website. You’ll find that many of these wedding invites are highly customisable and can be suited to accommodate your specific needs. We pride ourselves particularly on fonts, colours, different paper stock finishes, designs, matching invitation accessories, that extra personal touch such as a photograph or different sizes, and so much more.

Are you and your loved one fans of the retro, quirky things in life? Why not impress your guests with telegraph invitations designed and compiled to give off that historic feel? Or perhaps you’d like to give your guests an invitation they can marvel at and treasure forever? Your invitation could be a permanent centrepiece in the homes of many with the amazingly elegant acrylic invitations, which are engraved to give off a glass-like display your guests will simply be blown away by. No matter what your choice, why not complete the perfect wedding invite with matching placecards, bonbonniere tags, RSVP cards and thank you cards? Menus, guest boards, easel banners and posters can also be designed to match (or mix!) with your chosen style of wedding invitations.

Our methods of printing really bring out our expertise in producing wedding invitations, and this can be seen in the quality results. Letterpress, a method by which many copies are produced by the recurring direct imprint of an inked, raised surface against sheets or a continuous roll of paper, is one such technique. Embossing is another method that gives a three-dimensional quality onto paper making it a fantastic option for making font or design “pop”. Die cutting is the process of cutting thin materials such as laminate and paper which is put through a press to give perforations, creases and a whole range of designs, ensuring your wedding invitation is truly unique. Verko gives the effect of engraving with special inks and powders sprayed over papers and foiling is the pressing of font through coloured foil under pressure and heat to give impressive ink on paper. These printing methods are just some of the ways we use to create the most perfect wedding invitations.

DIY Wedding Invitations

If you’d like to produce your own diy wedding invitations, we have all the materials you need to do so. We provide buckles and brooches, envelopes, adhesives, metallic and translucent paper, SRA3 paper, crinkled paper, pre-printed paper with a range of different designs, matte and uncoated paper, lace and trims, ribbons, invitation boxes, glitter and chiffon, hard covers, foiled and flocked paper, Japanese designed paper, embossed laser-cut wallets, die cuts, clusters, diamond and pearl adhesives and more. Getting your creative juices flowing to achieve wedding invitations and accessories designed and created by you for you has never been easier and our team are more than willing to assist you in both your choice of materials and your designs.

Inspired Design is based in Melbourne but delivers worldwide, and constantly strives to achieve high quality wedding invitations and accessories for each and every one of our customers, no matter what their requirements. Elegance is what we aim for and our passion for design is instilled in our expert service.

We provide an online account for you to easily browse through, shop for and purchase your wedding invitations and accessories. From Facebook and Youtube to Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Google Plus, you can find us on virtually every major social media site where we keep our followers up to date with our fantastic products and services. Why not get in contact today and we can get you started with designing the perfect wedding invitations?